Canada Cup # 1

Well the first Canada Cup has come and gone and the Alberta boys have a 4th (Roddi Lega) a 16th (Brian Bain) and a 18th (myself) to show for our efforts. My race started off suprisingly well as I got called up to the start line in 14th place as a result from my Canada Cup points from last yr. Having a good posisition at the start I was determined to defend it at all costs and about 1 km into the race a quebecois racer tried to cut me off so I pretended I was back playing hockey for a second, lifted my elbows and togethar the two of us collided and rode straight into the trees. Once I pulled myself out of the foilage I was in close to last place (55th place) and spent the rest of the race chasing down riders. Not quite the result I was hoping for but overall much better start to the season then last yr at this time.

After the race we drove to our new digs in Bromont QC were we found ourselves surrounded by a 60 inch tv, 12 person hot tub and leather couches all for 15 $ a night. Yesterday was our rest day and after a light spin we headed out to find 6 hockey sticks to play some ball hockey between our rides. We are now down to 5 sticks as Roddi was dissapointed with his results from our first day of street hockey. Off for a ride and to search out a new stick.



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