Chocolate Cup # 2

The second canada cup was held in mountain bike mecca, Bromont qc. Over 800 cyclists showed up for the races this weekend, half of them being party hard, beer bellied, i cant pedal my bike uphill downhill racers and the other half being real cyclists. As far as the race went…. not good. Had a decent start and was in the top 20 or so before blowing my tire off the rim on the first dh. Attempeted to fix it to no avail and had to call it a day just 20 minutes in. I guesse my bike wasnt rested enough for the effort. This week my bike has been given lots of love and care as we prepare to regain some pride this weekend at the third canada cup at Mont Tremblant qc. Although the racing in bromont was not up to par, the local annual chocolate festival which was held last weekend was. On our rest day sunday, 4 of us headed down to check out the scene and had our share of quebecs famous chocolate soup. Probably better then the best maple syrup this province has ever produced. Other then that we are now down to 2 functional hockey sticks but we gained a basketball so we should be alright for a little while yet. Go Sens Go!

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