Time for a rest…

The last few days have been a whirlwind of chaos as my plans, wait plans, whats a plan, I don’t have plans but somehow my bike and I got home to Jasper in one piece regardless of any plans we may or may not of had. One tip of advice, don’t book a flight out of an airport which is 3 hrs away from the race course when you only have 4 hrs to make it in and you have no planned mode of transportation.

Saturday- finish 22nd out of 80 in canada cup
– leave for ottawa asap, got onto plane with 3 minutes to spare
– arrive at Matt Decores house for 4 hrs of sleep

Sunday- up at 7am, down to safeway for food, back to Matts, eat, fill bottles, clean bike.
– race Alberta Cup # 3 in Devon, finishing 2nd behind coach Tim Heemskerk
– get home to Jasper for first time in 5 months.

Monday- Sleep, eat, sleep, eat, sleep, eat, ride, sleep, eat, sleep

Well sorry for the lame post but i’m pretty tired today and am thinking about as clearly as i do in math class during calculas lessons. After racing 7 times during the past month over both ends of the country it is time for a week of recovery as I head out to mcbride bc for a week to plant sometrees and hang out with some bush people and enjoy the atmospher around there laid back existance. pretty sure marijuana is a banned substance by the uci (International Cycling Federation) so I will have to watch my back as this substance seems to be attached to the trees we plant. over and out,

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