Last yr I missed XC provincials as I was called in for some forestry work out near Prince George. This yr I was gunning for glory. The 6 km course, situated in Terwilegar Park in Edmonton is 90% fast hard pack clay. The other 10% was wet, muddy and rooty. My plan, put on the slickest fastest tires around (maxxis maxxlites 310 g) and make my time on the fast clay. My plan was questionable as for the first lap I was all over the place, in the flowers, bouncing off trees, sliding past other riders into ditchs but still holding myself around the top 10. As for the dry sections I was rippin, these tires were faster then Lance Armstrong. As the race went on I moved up to 3rd, 10 seconds behind 2nd with a lap to go before crashing hard and eventually coming in 2 minutes behind the winner, Evan Sherman, and 50 seconds behind 2nd place Shawn Bunnin. All in all a pretty good day.

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  • wally July 3rd, 2007 5:19 pm

    Go get`em tiger .

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