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Merry X Mas

Merry Christmas to all. My Christmas wish is for none of you to ever drink the tap water in a costal town in Costa Rica. After travelling for over a month in Panama where the tap water is ok to drink I arrived to the beach town of Dominical in Costa Rica on the 22nd […]

Sunday Funday

Disc golf Waterfall adventure Shoot papa`s Tubing Strawberry splits Ping pong tourney Fire Cheap fireworks

Good bye Map

The trip up to visit Kat, a young peace corps volunteer from North Carolina got delayed a day as the ride over from Santa Catalina proved to much for a gringo biker and his map. Getting late in the day and not super stoked about biking on the Pan American highway again at night I […]


Panama is somewhat like Costa Rica was before the tourists bombarded the country a few yrs back. Life is laid back here and the tourist scene is just starting to develope in some areas and for now things are the way I imagine they have been for decades. A few days ago I took my […]


After some beach time and working on a nice sunburn for a couple hours yesterday morning I set off riding to the city of Santiago around 1 pm. One thing about rides down in central america is that you can never be sure how long they will take and were they may take you. One […]

Mud & Rain

The ride over the mudslides started a little late as 95% of the boats stopped running between Bocas and the mainland as they were running out of gas. One last boat company still had a bit of fuel so they were running 4 or 5 times a day, whenever they had a full boatload os […]

Survivor Panama

After MIA for 9 months, has been found and will stay around for the forseen future. After racing La Ruta I headed straight to the small caribean village of Puerto Viejo to rest in the comforts of Costa Rica. 4 days later it was off to the islands of Bocas Del Toro Panama where […]

Trans Mexicana Finale

The final two stages of the Trans Mexicana were a great challange for all the riders. Stage 5 was highlighted by a huge climb to open the stage, then a 21 km (2200m vertical) downhill and then finally a 5 km hike a bike section down a river canyon. Lupillo and myself went into this […]

Trans Mexicana Stage 4

Back online…… After spending the last few days in remote Mexican towns, one of them with just one telephone for the whole town, let alone internet, I am now sitting in Mexico City with my feet high up in the air catching some R & R. The last 3 days of the TransMexican bike race […]

Trans Mexicana Stage 3

After a puke filled 6 hr bus ride across the Mexican Jungle we arrived in an Eco camp where we spent the night in an auditorium and the 30 racers and 30 support staff had a Mexican snore off. The racers were clearly winning before I vacated the premises to find a small tree to […]

Mexicana Racing

The last couple weeks through Guatemala was full of swimming through caves, ripping down guatemalan single track, floating through jungle on rubber tubes and finally a 23 hr bus ride to Vera Cruz Mexico. Leaving Guatemala was tough as theres enough adventure there to last a person a lifetime but even tougher to leave behind […]

Guatemalan hippies, lost bikers, and broken bikes

Doug and I decided to take a day off in the small village of San Marcos along the shores of Lago Atitlan. This day off was weird to say the least as everywhere we looked there were hippies walking around like zombies, no one doing anything that involved moving fast. Pretty much the perfect place […]


A week ago today I left El Salvador in grande style. Crusing along through a small town 5km from the Guatemalan border, enjoying the plus 35 weather, then BANG! Everyone on the street took cover and I came to a screeching halt onto the sidewalk as my rear wheel capsized. The rim must of punctured […]

El Salvador part deux

The surfing in El Salvador is unreal. The waves in El Tunco were over 100 yds long and could be ridden for over 25 seconds. I got up on a good one and was feeling pretty good about myself before crashing hard into another gringo surfer. She came out of knowhere and I flipped over […]

El Salvador

Francois and I had a great climb up Volcan San Cristobal with a local guide who took us into the the active crater which was spewing sulphur gases from its bottomless pit. The view from the top was alarming to see that everywhere was agriculture and barely any remaing natural forests. Not at all what […]


As I had a few extra days on the Isle de Ometteppe I took one day to climb Volcan Maderas. This was a pretty intense climb through dense cloudforests with some steep climbing from branch to branch near the top. I decided to hike it alone without a guide and got in some trouble with […]

Costa Rica

Well here I am, not in panama anymore but in nicaragua. I spent the last month and a bit touring around Costa Rica and found it to be one of the most hospitable laid back countries yet. The people live by the slogan “pura vida” which means pure life and no worries. Probably the most […]