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A week ago today I left El Salvador in grande style. Crusing along through a small town 5km from the Guatemalan border, enjoying the plus 35 weather, then BANG! Everyone on the street took cover and I came to a screeching halt onto the sidewalk as my rear wheel capsized. The rim must of punctured […]

El Salvador part deux

The surfing in El Salvador is unreal. The waves in El Tunco were over 100 yds long and could be ridden for over 25 seconds. I got up on a good one and was feeling pretty good about myself before crashing hard into another gringo surfer. She came out of knowhere and I flipped over […]

El Salvador

Francois and I had a great climb up Volcan San Cristobal with a local guide who took us into the the active crater which was spewing sulphur gases from its bottomless pit. The view from the top was alarming to see that everywhere was agriculture and barely any remaing natural forests. Not at all what […]


As I had a few extra days on the Isle de Ometteppe I took one day to climb Volcan Maderas. This was a pretty intense climb through dense cloudforests with some steep climbing from branch to branch near the top. I decided to hike it alone without a guide and got in some trouble with […]

Costa Rica

Well here I am, not in panama anymore but in nicaragua. I spent the last month and a bit touring around Costa Rica and found it to be one of the most hospitable laid back countries yet. The people live by the slogan “pura vida” which means pure life and no worries. Probably the most […]