Costa Rica

Well here I am, not in panama anymore but in nicaragua. I spent the last month and a bit touring around Costa Rica and found it to be one of the most hospitable laid back countries yet. The people live by the slogan “pura vida” which means pure life and no worries. Probably the most carefree people ever, which can cause them to make interesting decisions especially on there windy pot hole highways in which you wonder if these people really care about life when you see cars passing each other on crests of hills and around tight corners. Nonetheless these people truly love each moment of there stress free lives and it shows as they have a longer life expectancy then both Canada and the USA where we have much better knowledge about health and sre much more technologically advanced in our treatments but I guesse this shows just what our typically poor North american diet and stressfull lives do to the vast majority of the population. As for transportation ive been biking from town to town and in most cases this is faster then the buses which stop every 3 ft to pick up passengers and they must be constantly swerve from the numerous ruts and bumps on the road. The biking is great, amazing views, nice weather and its a great way to get in touch with the local people. For anyone thinking about a holiday to Costa Rica is in my mind is one of the worlds greatest vacation destinations. Theres volcanos shooting lava, zip lines throught he cloud forests, endless beaches and great surfing. When my family was down to visit for the holidays my bro and I did some surfing and by the last day we thought we were pretty good so we went to the larger waves which ended in me showing off and doing a great faceplant on my board then getting pounded along the bottom of the ocean and finally coming to the surface bloody and concussed. Two days later was new years in Nicaragua were they had fireworks shooting off from 8 pm till dawn and 10$ all you can drink beach parties. Needless to say I had a pretty good headache for a few days. As for Nicaragua they say this place is like what Costa Rica was in the 80’s. Still very cheap, limited tourist infrastructure but with endless potential. The people here are much poorer as well but even with this poverty they say Nicaragua is the safest place in the western hemisphere outside of Canada. As for today I’m with a bunch of stranded travellers on the Isle de Omettepp in the middle of lk Nicaragua as the waves are too large for the boats so I figured i’d let you all know this Wallace is still alive and kicking.

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