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Merry X Mas

Merry Christmas to all. My Christmas wish is for none of you to ever drink the tap water in a costal town in Costa Rica. After travelling for over a month in Panama where the tap water is ok to drink I arrived to the beach town of Dominical in Costa Rica on the 22nd […]

Sunday Funday

Disc golf Waterfall adventure Shoot papa`s Tubing Strawberry splits Ping pong tourney Fire Cheap fireworks

Good bye Map

The trip up to visit Kat, a young peace corps volunteer from North Carolina got delayed a day as the ride over from Santa Catalina proved to much for a gringo biker and his map. Getting late in the day and not super stoked about biking on the Pan American highway again at night I […]


Panama is somewhat like Costa Rica was before the tourists bombarded the country a few yrs back. Life is laid back here and the tourist scene is just starting to develope in some areas and for now things are the way I imagine they have been for decades. A few days ago I took my […]


After some beach time and working on a nice sunburn for a couple hours yesterday morning I set off riding to the city of Santiago around 1 pm. One thing about rides down in central america is that you can never be sure how long they will take and were they may take you. One […]

Mud & Rain

The ride over the mudslides started a little late as 95% of the boats stopped running between Bocas and the mainland as they were running out of gas. One last boat company still had a bit of fuel so they were running 4 or 5 times a day, whenever they had a full boatload os […]