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One more round

Ouch, the stage 10 climb hurt. Ouch again as the 30 km time trial today hurt even more. I experienced a bad case of deja vu as the time trial we did took place on the same 30 km piece of highway in which I got monkey sick in 2007 while bike touring. That day […]

9 down, 3 to go.

The Vuelta is getting weird as all us riders are starting to act hungover 24/7. The dutch are starting to understand the guatemalans, the english canadians are starting to understand the french part of the team and the Russians are still hanging around the hotel surfing around on facebook all day. Not too sure why […]

Road Racing

Road Racing in the Vuelta de Costa Rica is like doing interval sessions for 4 hrs a day, day after day after day. I havn’t done intervals in 2 yrs and these intervals are the variety that last anywhere from 10 seconds to 1 hr, the pack decides. The first few days blew my lungs […]

Vuelta de Costa Rica

12 day road race starting on wednesday… ) Living with 4 teamates from Quebec, training in 28 degree temps…. good times. Getting ready to roll…

Tour de Panama

Post La Ruta is a weird time as the body and mind experience an aftershock something like what a drunk experiences when they try and sober up. This year the days of post La Ruta started in the small village of Puerto Viejo on Costa Ricans east coast. This town has a plume of marijuana […]

A Story about La Ruta

When it was snowing and minus 10 in Canada La Ruta seemed like a good idea. While pushing my bike through gongshow mud for 1.5 hrs in plus 33 temps with humidity on day 1 with Costa Ricans sprinting pass me I began wondering why I thought this was such a good idea. Racing day […]

DeJa Vu

For the second straight fall I have unexpectedly ended up in Costa Rica. It is starting to be a problem. Ready for a rest after 4 month and 5 month Central America adventures the past two winters, somehow I end up back here with a huge grin on my face. With school falling through and […]

Fall in the Rockies

My fall was set to take place in Nanaimo at VIU going to school to be a faller. VIU will now be refered to as the school of Gongshows after they cancelled the course for the 4th straight time in the last 18 months. 1st time a student got saw dust in his eye. 2nd […]

Bow 80

Time flies.  And now its sept 21st and I havn’t done a proper write up in over a month.   I blame work.  After having not worked more then a week in the past two yrs I finally got back to bussiness and am doing my part to keep Canada’s economy going.  My buddy Daniel Vanderswan […]

USA Marathon Finals

The road trip to Cali hit a small bump in the road at the boarder crossing when we forgot to claim our apples. The boarderguard asked if we had any fruits or veggies but we figured he wouldnt check so said no but he checked. My bro had 1 bag in his backpack and I […]

Road T to Cali!

I tried finding work for the fall but the bush scene has dried up so I have had to resort to plan B, A Road Trip to California! Yah, life is tough in this economic downturn so it looks like the fall is going to be full of spinning pedals, not planting trees. Tommorow its […]

Race Weekend in the Foothills

The Provincial XC race was pretty sweet on the weekend. Thanks to Crazy Larry, the Froehler family and all the other volunteers that showed up things went off pretty smoothly. Having a black bear with her cubs on course chasing racers the day before the race added to the weekend although it seemed a little […]

XC Provincials

This weekend is the Alberta XC Provincials in Hinton. Nathan Froehler (Hinton race organizer from 2002) came up a few days ago and we’ve been sprucing up the trails he built over a decade ago into what is becoming a kick ass xc course. People will suffer tommorow on the relentless course, especially in the […]


Chalk one up for the treeplanting legs. After having a rougher start to the season the legs caught on fire for the Solo version of the TransRockies and I came across the line after 3 days of epic riding as the first TR3 winner. Roddi Lega and Colin Kerr kept it close but I was […]


The Tour de Bowness road races went like this: 1 km Hill Climb- Blew lungs apart trying to keep up to Jamie Sparling, finished 11th 1 hr Criterium- Sketchy 7 corner circuit with 45 elite riders, being use to riding with mountain goats in the mtns I was sketched riding with a large pack so […]

24 Overload

Coming in 5th at last yr World 24 hr Solo’s I had been waiting patiently to get back to cause some suffering this yr but things unfolded quickly and I was the one suffering like a pot of overcooked soggy pasta starting to fry along the edges. Coming into the event pretty exausted from the […]


Summer of 2009 has been a wild one and this weekend its gonna get a little wilder down in Canmore. Having done a 24 hr solo event last yr I am pretty stoked to get back there for a epic ride in the mtns with a bunch of crazy guys from around the world. Thanks […]

Crazy Days

Racing in Colorado has been quite the journey with results going from 9th, 40th, 4th, 24th and then 4th again. Like many of the racers down here we are at the mercy of our bodies as we can;t seem to figure out what makes them tick up here in the altitude. Apart from the racing […]


The voyage down to Kananaskis and back was pretty wicked. The icefields parkway is great for riding as there are slow moving motorhomes all over the place to draft behind and pretty wicked mtns all along the way not to mention the 5 hostals which allows a biker to travel pretty light. The race in […]


I had big plans after planting of a coastal tour down to the Test of Metal and BC Bike Race but I forgot about the post planting hangover which can last from 7-10 days. The problem is that the body is working on turbo mode for 6 weeks during the planting season and its all […]