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After two days battling my second stomach bug of the trip in Ocotal I tried biking 140 km through the mtns to the capital of Honduras, Tegucigalpa. The ride lasted 70km until I was dizzy and dead tired beside the road and having to catch the first bus of the trip the last 70 km […]

The Real Nicaragua

After over a week in the toursity side of Nicaragua I headed up into the highlands and spent three days riding over mtn passes and through forest reserves. It was like being in a different country as the people up here weren´t affected by the tourist dollar yet so there were no scams, no begging […]

Land of Nicas

After some epic rides coming into Nicaragua and dealing with the low ballers around the boarder crossing I finally set foot into the land of Volcanos and lakes and put myself and the bike down to rest for 4 days. I studied spanish, my bike collected dust but soon enough it was game time again […]

Argentinians and shortcuts

Riding up the pacific coast of Costa Rica is perfect for a mountain biker with dirt roads, few cars and lots of beach riding and surf towns all over the place. After a few good days in the saddle I came to Tamarindo, Costa Rica’s premier beach resort which probably has 7 tourists to each […]

Becoming more Tico

After a pretty lackluster Christmas the rest of the holidays were top notch as I spent over a week with Ronald and his family in there two homes, one near San Jose city and the other out in the countryside near the pacific ocean. Being fed gourmet Costa Rican cuisine, learning some spanish while speaking […]