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Return to the North

Isla Mujeres is a lost paradise. I was the flip of a coin from being stuck there forever. Beach front hostel, blue caribean ocean, white sand beaches, travelers from around the world and a 20 km paved highway looping the island for the bike. I pulled myself away from the place before it was too […]

Hippie Van

Out on my $70 rental bike for a second ride I began to cirucmnavigate the 70 km of Cozumel island. About 10 km in a old hippie van (aka volkswagon) blew by, only to have its rear left wheel fall off about 100 ft past me. Watching the van skid along the highway on 3 […]

Mexican Yucatan

Spring Break in Cancun is the gongshow of gongshows. After two days of hanging out in the chaos I determined that there are three ways to enjoy it there:1. 8 beers,2. 8 shots of tequila, or3. 4 beers and 4 shots of tequila On day three I headed south to the more civilized resort city […]

Less Bike, More Beach

Riding with Fernando turned into another epic 7 hr ride as we road on singletrack and jeep roads up to 4000 m then across a frigid plateau for 2 hrs before decending down dusty off camber singletrack back into the city. Half way down we stopped at a trout farm and we each took care […]

Mexico City

The acrcheology museum we went to was pretty wicked for the first two hours but after that our heads were full with enough info to last a lifetime so we raced through the last 5 rooms setting a new museum speed record. My head still hurts from all the history but it was worth it. […]

Post Race

The Transmexicana is over but not forgotten. After an amazing race experience last yr, this yrs version of the race was a little different. Day 0 started with the racers each getting to let an Iguana loose into the forests around Huatulco. Simons Iguana was over anxious to get going and squirmed out of Simons […]