Hippie Van

Out on my $70 rental bike for a second ride I began to cirucmnavigate the 70 km of Cozumel island. About 10 km in a old hippie van (aka volkswagon) blew by, only to have its rear left wheel fall off about 100 ft past me. Watching the van skid along the highway on 3 wheels was pretty amusing but even better was watching the free wheel roll down the highway for 300 metres and into the other lane causing a old pickup to nearly swerve off the highway. As I rode past the hippie van now resting along the highway I pointed out to the driver that he was missing a wheel, he gave me the middle finger. The rest of the ride around the island was spent trying to draft off random tourists on there rented scooters. Done with Cozumel I headed back to Cancun for another night of spring break and then the next day headed to the Island of Mujeres to relax for the day. Last nights bonfire party on the beach was a much nicer pace then the out of control chaos back on the mainland. Tommorow may be the final day in paradise so I am soaking in whatever heat I can to take back with me to the frigid north.

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  • cory smith March 24th, 2009 7:40 pm

    I can’t believe that guy gave you the finger after you tryed to help him out.I bet you had a good laugh after.

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