Less Bike, More Beach

Riding with Fernando turned into another epic 7 hr ride as we road on singletrack and jeep roads up to 4000 m then across a frigid plateau for 2 hrs before decending down dusty off camber singletrack back into the city. Half way down we stopped at a trout farm and we each took care of a 2lb trout. Once back in the city we played dodge the rush hour traffic for 1 hr as we returned home. On saturday I hopped in with Julio and Sos (friends from TransMexican) and we headed to the National XC race in Leon to join 800 other bike junkies. The track was technical, rough and flat, as it wound around a lake and up through dry, cactus filled mexican terrain. Having not done a National level event in almost 2 yrs I didn`t know what to expect but I knew if I stuck close to Lupillo that I would have a good day. This plan worked for the first 2 km as I road with the leaders before I tried launching a drop on a decent and wrecked my rear wheel. DNF. After the race I sold whatever was left of my bike and bought a plane ticket to Cancun to become a Spring Breaker. After 4.5 months of riding up and down Central America my former bike and I are pretty trashed and in need of beaches.

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  • Ronald J March 18th, 2009 5:13 pm

    Hello Cory I wish you a nice ride and time in Cancun.. Resting is a part of the trainning.

    best regards


  • Kelly Burgess March 23rd, 2009 7:13 am

    That’s an awesome post. I want to end one of my posts that way some day….. off to the beach!

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