Mexico City

The acrcheology museum we went to was pretty wicked for the first two hours but after that our heads were full with enough info to last a lifetime so we raced through the last 5 rooms setting a new museum speed record. My head still hurts from all the history but it was worth it. On Sunday Simon took off back to Canada and I headed down with my Mexican counterparts to catch the last stage of the Vuelta de Mexico. Fellow Canadian Andrew Pinfold won in front of tens of thousands screaming Mexicans. Later on we would head out to a Cantina for Enchiladas with mole sauce (aka best food ever). Training down in Mexico is dangerous for two reasons, 1. Mexican Food and 2. Mexican Pollution. I have had a smoggers cough ever since I got to Mexico city and am starting to wonder how long it will take till I have the lungs of an Italian chain smoker. On the other hand is the food which is not biker food. It is the food of the second fattest nation in the world and for good reason. Chiliquilis, tacos, tortas, fried bananas…. Mexicans have a perfectly good excuse for being a large nation as the food is top notch although sketchy for reasons previously stated in the TransMexicana. After todays training ride and coughing up more Mexican pollution my mouth is starting to feel like an exhaust pipe but lucky for me a good Enchilada cures everything down here. I am stoked for tommorow as Fernando, one of Lupillos racing buddies is going take me on a ride on Mexican singletrack outside the city. My lungs cant wait for the fresh air.

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