Back from the woods

After a couple weeks out in the boonies around Mcbride I found my Canadian ways again and made it back to Jasper in time to meet up with Dik (Kona Rep). Between Dik at Kona and Wendy and Chris at Freewheel Cycle I have been set up with 3 rippin bikes for the season. Kona Kula Supreme (hardtail), Kona Hei Hei Supreme (Dualie), and a Kona King Zing (road). Thank you!!! These are bikes I only ever dreamed of.

This past week I was testing out the new machines in the cycling capital of Canada (Jasper) as the roads are free of vehicles and the trails are within a couple days of being dry. These bikes are solid! On top of it I may be scene in some new racing clothes this season, the 10 yr old jerseys I have been using are now in the vintage collection.

Next week I was to become a lumberjack as I was headed to Nanaimo for a 2 month lumberjack course but due to the low wood prices the course is postponed. Now its back to the drawing table to figure out another plan. Thinking of growing a field of marijuana and selling it as hay bails to music festivals across Canada. I figure instead of everyone smoking a little joint they should light one giant hay bail in the middle of the festival and get everyone done at the sametime. Entrapreneurship.

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  • Ronald J April 22nd, 2009 7:05 pm

    Hello Cory I am happy for the good news! your new bikes are cool! enjoy them a lot! for these bikes to have worked a lot , doing a good race last season in the Ruta and in Trans Mexicana. let s keep us in touch!

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