6 weeks of Treeplanting = 50 000 trees planted, 4 stuck trucks, 1 wrecked quad, 12- 15hr days, millions of bugs, living with the dreadlocked society, 4000 calorie meals, and one pretty bushed biker. The planting season went from my crew in PG for 5 weeks then back to the Robson Valley for a few days of bike planting. Bike planting was the best job ever as I pedalled between burn piles on deactivated roads through willows with 500-700 trees in my backpack at a time. Trying to cross road deactivations with this much weight in a pack was the cause for one major endo which nearly ended my planting/biking days for a while but instead all I got was a face full of mud and a brused cheack bone. A couple bear encounters were another story as a Grizzly and her 2 cubs prevented one set of burn piles from getting trees in it and then there was the large black bear which stood on the road between me and home. Without mace or anything else I opted for tossing a huge log at the bear as a decoy as I sprinted 6 ft from the bear on my bike. The bear was pretty stunned and did nothing which was alright by me as I was stoked on not being dinner. Probably could of petted the beast if I wanted too. Now I rest here at home with bushed legs as I prepare to transform them back into pedal mashers for the rest of the season. The logging course I keep trying to get into was to start today again but is pushed back till further notice which was good news as the bikes are getting restless.

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  • Jean Ann McKirdy June 18th, 2009 9:02 pm

    So are you racing the Test? Are you doing BCBR? You definitely should, especially BCBR!

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