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24 Overload

Coming in 5th at last yr World 24 hr Solo’s I had been waiting patiently to get back to cause some suffering this yr but things unfolded quickly and I was the one suffering like a pot of overcooked soggy pasta starting to fry along the edges. Coming into the event pretty exausted from the […]


Summer of 2009 has been a wild one and this weekend its gonna get a little wilder down in Canmore. Having done a 24 hr solo event last yr I am pretty stoked to get back there for a epic ride in the mtns with a bunch of crazy guys from around the world. Thanks […]

Crazy Days

Racing in Colorado has been quite the journey with results going from 9th, 40th, 4th, 24th and then 4th again. Like many of the racers down here we are at the mercy of our bodies as we can;t seem to figure out what makes them tick up here in the altitude. Apart from the racing […]


The voyage down to Kananaskis and back was pretty wicked. The icefields parkway is great for riding as there are slow moving motorhomes all over the place to draft behind and pretty wicked mtns all along the way not to mention the 5 hostals which allows a biker to travel pretty light. The race in […]