The Tour de Bowness road races went like this:

1 km Hill Climb- Blew lungs apart trying to keep up to Jamie Sparling, finished 11th

1 hr Criterium- Sketchy 7 corner circuit with 45 elite riders, being use to riding with mountain goats in the mtns I was sketched riding with a large pack so hung off back until end and finished 22nd.

80 km circuit race- learned road racers are crazy bastards and dont know how to relax. super fast pace, attacked off the front with Sparling, blew up like Iraq and finished in chase pack.

After the little journey into the warped road racing world its back home to the mtns to take on the 3 day solo version of the Trans Rockies. Tommorow is day one which starts with a 1200 m vertical climb up Panorama ski hill.

Throughout the event I will be posting daily reports on

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  • Ronald J August 10th, 2009 2:07 pm

    Hello Cory.

    Good luck in Transrockies! I am very sure you will be good! and I will check your daily reports! take care!

  • Ronald J August 12th, 2009 8:24 pm

    Hello Cory

    Congratulations for your excellents results!! I was very sure your succefull!! send some pictures soon!

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