XC Provincials

This weekend is the Alberta XC Provincials in Hinton. Nathan Froehler (Hinton race organizer from 2002) came up a few days ago and we’ve been sprucing up the trails he built over a decade ago into what is becoming a kick ass xc course. People will suffer tommorow on the relentless course, especially in the 30 degree heat. If your sitting at home this weekend not sure what to do you can still show up tommorow morning and sign up on race day and transform a non eventful weekend into a biker riders ecstasy. Go to www.albertabicycle.ab.ca for more info.
Rumour has it Crazy Larry will be on site heckling riders as they ride through in pain.

The 9.5 km course is wild and rugged with a super sweet 7 min technical decent followed by a cruisy 18 minute climb back up to the start all of this taking place in the middle of the wilderness with moose and grizzlys around as we saw both yesterday. We will be putting out jars of honey along the course to insure more Grizzlies are out to watch the race tommorow. Tune into TSN or CTV Sportsnet TV tommorow night for full race coverage or if they don’t make it out you’ll be able to check out the post race report on www.pedalmag.com.

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