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Bow 80

Time flies.  And now its sept 21st and I havn’t done a proper write up in over a month.   I blame work.  After having not worked more then a week in the past two yrs I finally got back to bussiness and am doing my part to keep Canada’s economy going.  My buddy Daniel Vanderswan […]

USA Marathon Finals

The road trip to Cali hit a small bump in the road at the boarder crossing when we forgot to claim our apples. The boarderguard asked if we had any fruits or veggies but we figured he wouldnt check so said no but he checked. My bro had 1 bag in his backpack and I […]

Road T to Cali!

I tried finding work for the fall but the bush scene has dried up so I have had to resort to plan B, A Road Trip to California! Yah, life is tough in this economic downturn so it looks like the fall is going to be full of spinning pedals, not planting trees. Tommorow its […]

Race Weekend in the Foothills

The Provincial XC race was pretty sweet on the weekend. Thanks to Crazy Larry, the Froehler family and all the other volunteers that showed up things went off pretty smoothly. Having a black bear with her cubs on course chasing racers the day before the race added to the weekend although it seemed a little […]