DeJa Vu

For the second straight fall I have unexpectedly ended up in Costa Rica. It is starting to be a problem. Ready for a rest after 4 month and 5 month Central America adventures the past two winters, somehow I end up back here with a huge grin on my face. With school falling through and the work scene weak I had little choice. Unlike the unorganized shows of the past, this yr is going smoothly with my friend Simon and a couple friends from New Zealand, Jeff and Karen joining me as we stay upper class in an air con condo. A rather large step up from the cockroach infested, bloody wall hostel cell I stayed in last yr.

Thinking the race season was over, October was spent riding horses, playing hockey and hiking the legendary 190 km North Boundary trail in Jasper. Thankfully bike fitness comes back fast and with a couple weeks of decent riding things seem to be coming around. Too simulate the 4 stages of La Ruta we booked a flight down with 4 legs to it (Portland to Phoenix, Phoenix back up to Philadephia, Philadelphia to Charlotte and Charlotte to Costa Rica.) It was very important we did this 20 hr, four leg flight as it perfectly simulates the 20 hrs and 4 days of La Ruta. I’m not sure if Bishop, Tinker, Rune Hoydahl, Heras, or last yrs winner (Lico) did this so they may be in trouble.

Right now we are in full rest mode. Tomorrow we will try to restart the engines and then day one is on. This La Ruta has allot less racers at around 200 but the competition is the best ever. I’m not sure if this race is the end of my season or the start of the next one but either way I am stoked as this race is one of a kind. Day 1 is going to hurt hard. Two of the toughest days of racing in my life our La Ruta 2008 stage 1, followed closely by La Ruta 2007 stage 1, followed by Transmexicana 2009 stage 2. Day one is like a boxing match where both the boxers get knocked out only in this case over 200 racers get ko’d and then have to race for 3 more days afterwards.

Can’t wait, gotta go!

Throughout the race I will be reporting at

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  • Jean Ann McKirdy November 10th, 2009 6:33 pm

    Glad to hear you are back for more. Good luck, and good job on the N. Boundary as well.

  • Dallas November 11th, 2009 7:12 am

    KICK SOME FREAKIN ASS CORY!! Canadian style!.
    Remembrance Day too, what a day to go to war!..

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