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One more round

Ouch, the stage 10 climb hurt. Ouch again as the 30 km time trial today hurt even more. I experienced a bad case of deja vu as the time trial we did took place on the same 30 km piece of highway in which I got monkey sick in 2007 while bike touring. That day […]

9 down, 3 to go.

The Vuelta is getting weird as all us riders are starting to act hungover 24/7. The dutch are starting to understand the guatemalans, the english canadians are starting to understand the french part of the team and the Russians are still hanging around the hotel surfing around on facebook all day. Not too sure why […]

Road Racing

Road Racing in the Vuelta de Costa Rica is like doing interval sessions for 4 hrs a day, day after day after day. I havn’t done intervals in 2 yrs and these intervals are the variety that last anywhere from 10 seconds to 1 hr, the pack decides. The first few days blew my lungs […]

Vuelta de Costa Rica

12 day road race starting on wednesday… ) Living with 4 teamates from Quebec, training in 28 degree temps…. good times. Getting ready to roll…

Tour de Panama

Post La Ruta is a weird time as the body and mind experience an aftershock something like what a drunk experiences when they try and sober up. This year the days of post La Ruta started in the small village of Puerto Viejo on Costa Ricans east coast. This town has a plume of marijuana […]