One more round

Ouch, the stage 10 climb hurt. Ouch again as the 30 km time trial today hurt even more. I experienced a bad case of deja vu as the time trial we did took place on the same 30 km piece of highway in which I got monkey sick in 2007 while bike touring. That day was probably my biggest gongshow day ever on a bike as my engine fell apart after weeks of copoius amounts of biking and I was swerving all over the road and puking in the ditches. It took me over 3 hrs to ride the small piece of highway. When I finally made it to the town of San Isidro I went to Mcdonalds, bought a smartie Mcflurry then passed out on a table for a couple hours and soon after hopped a bus to San Jose where I spent the next week curled up in a hammock. Today was different. The ride took just over 40 minutes although it was full of flashbacks and the guys with time trial bars and aero helmets definatly made us mtb look a little slow. At the finish line I cruised by Mcdonalds to a proper food joint and started refueling for the ride back to San Jose tommorow.

Stage 12 is the final day of the Vuelta. The Queen stage they call it as they saved the best for last as we will acend from 700m up to 3300 in just over 40 km. Over the climb we will have a 100km, 2300m vertical decent into San Jose where the beers and the flor de cana rum will wait for stage 13.

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