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Vuelta De Costa Rica

Here are a couple links to follow the rolling gongshow known as the Tour of Costa Rica which I’m currently racing with the Canadian team “Tour de Quebec”. Race Website: Costa Rica Newspapers www. Video: www.

Hello Canada, Goodbye Canada.

I have been back to Canada for 10 days now and have come up with my Christmas wish list. 1. Fly to Costa Rica 2. Race my road bike for 12 days against Latinos on “special vitamins”. 3. Rest on the beach Don’t get me wrong, the past 10 days in Canada have been great. […]

NZL Bike Tour part 2

Part 2 of the NZL bike tour turned out to be more then I bargained for. Lesson learned, sometimes when 12 different people give you the same advice about what can’t be done they are right. But then again sometimes they are wrong. Either way I got turned around 80 km into the adventure which […]

Sheep, Glaciers, and Bikes

New Zealand is a small country of just over 4 million people and apparently over 10 million sheep. The sheep are all over the place like a bunch of mating jack rabbits but they are slowly being removed and being replaced by the more lucrative cattle industry. It will be sad if they are removed […]

New Zealand!

New Zealand is pretty much coastal BC only on the other side of the globe with two exceptions. The first one is dangerous as every drives on the wrong side of the road. Knowing which way to look is harder then it sounds. The other difference is the language as Kiwis speak 95% english, and […]

Croco Classic

The idea of riding 1200 km over 10 days in the northern outback of Australia with a bunch of euoro roadies and sketchy aussie animals sounded like a grand adventure. It was. I am now 12 days past the race and the body is finally starting to come around again. Stage 1 I felt like […]

Crocodile Trophy

Australia is a country of just 22 million people but it has 11 of the worlds 15 most venomous snakes, oceans full of jellyfish and sharks making them unswimmable for certain months as well as countless number of spiders and other creepy crawlers. Yesterday I made the 3 hr flight to Northern Australia to the […]

24 Hr Worlds

The days leading up to the 24 hr Worlds were pretty gongshowish as my buddy Jeff Collins (Kiwi) and I ran around Canberra picking up food etc for the race and setting up our Pit area out at race site. Prepping for a 24 hr race is a challenge in Canada, and that’s when we […]

24 Ready to Go!

There is a wombat digging holes in the course, divebombing magpies and rumours of a skitzofrantic kangaroo around the pit area. The Aussies have guranteed themselves a 1-2-3 placing on the podium and are doing there share of trashtalking. Not sure what is going to play out down here but us Canadians are ready to […]

The Other Side of the Road

September was spent overtraining myself to the point of resembling a hungover drug addict on East Hastings st in Vancouver, recovering for a couple days and then repeating. It seems alot easier to overtrain oneself after an already long race season then it is at the start. After I wrecked myself really good the last […]

August Goodness

You can tell how good a race buggered you up by how long it takes to post something on your blog afterwards. The Transrockies was a good one. Stage 1 : 31 km Mudfest time trial – started 5th behind Adam Craig (Giant), Max Plaxton (Sho-Air), Matt Hadley (Canada), Carl Decker (Giant) (based on UCI […]


The rest week after 24 hrs was pretty perfect. Fishing, camping, hiking and hanging in hammocks up in the mtns. That was until friday night when Lilla and I were returning to camp around dusk only to find a Grizzly in our way. After some yipping from our golden retriever dog, and some yelling by […]

24hrs of Adrenalin

24 in Camnore last weekend was ridiculously rad. Not going to lie, I am pretty f’d up at the moment. The opening lap was dangerous with a 4 minute le mans run to start out the event. I lost over 1 minute in this to some dude in baggy shorts and was probably 30th. I […]

Canadian XC Nationals

The XC Nationals in Canmore were pretty fricken awesome on saturday. The course was built for fitness freak’s as it climbed 250 m vertical per lap. There were alot of fitness freaks on the start line. I rode a steady race and watched the fireworks go off around me as riders blew themselves into outer […]

Canadian XC Nationals

The week after BCBR was a right off. Tubing, mtn climbing, whale watching, resting. Made it to Jasper in time for a summer snowstorm. Re-lit the legs with a couple spins. Riding a new bike with big wheels. Life is good. Tommorow is XC Nationals. Just another ride, only this one is being televised live […]


8 days, 450 racers, 400 km of trails, 8 different towns, 4 ferries = 1 hell of a road trip! I’ve heard big things about the BC Bike Race (BCBR). To get to do it as part of the Kona Factory team was unreal. Right now I feel like hell. WRECKED. Body and mind are […]

Test of Metal

The Test of Metal is probably the biggest single day non UCI cycling event in Canada. 67 km, 950 riders, fans lining the course, a crazy huge festival of a feed zone and some of North America’s best riders on the start list such as Kabush, Pendrel, Plaxton, Sneddon, Lazarski, Widmer, Hadley and all the […]


This past weekend was a highlight on the race schedule as racing bud Simon and I got to return to the Rockies for a couple of races up at the Canmore Nordic Center. World cups, 24 hr Worlds, Canada Cups, Nationals, TransRockies, Alberta Cups, Canmore does it all. After pre-riding what could be the best […]

Roadie Weekend

Foul weather. Good Racing. Weekend Report can be found at: Todays To Do List. Power Nap.Consume copius amounts of food.Ride 2hrs at 0% effort.Nutrition course.Power Nap 2.Chicago, Philly Game 2.10hr Sleep.

Mini Golf, BC Cup, Tofino.

May long weekend 2010 was top notch. Right up there with the best of them. The first annual May long “Try Not Too Break The Club Over Your Head Mini Golf Championships” took palce Saturday afternoon in DT Nanaimo. I choked like a young boy trying to swallow a Dodger stadium foot long dogger and […]