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New Sponsor- TRIWAY

Proper bike fit is one of the single most important things for a competitive biker. When every pedal stroke counts its nice to know you and your bike are operating at 100% efficiency. The past two yrs I have been lucky enough to have had Luke Way fitting my bikes for me. Luke is a […]

Race Weekend

Cracckkk!! That was my shin hitting a cut off log on a fast decent during the first XC race of the yr in Port Alberni last weekend. 3 seconds later I picked myself up off the ground and looked down to see a ostrich ready to hatch out of my leg and blood flowing freely. […]

Hell ya Canada!

Canada is unreal. Getting back in time to catch the final weekend of the Olympics in Vancouver was even more unreal. The amount of Canadian pride shown and the party in downtown after the gold medal hockey game was out of control. There are good parties everywhere but this one was in its own league. […]