Mini Golf, BC Cup, Tofino.

May long weekend 2010 was top notch. Right up there with the best of them. The first annual May long “Try Not Too Break The Club Over Your Head Mini Golf Championships” took palce Saturday afternoon in DT Nanaimo. I choked like a young boy trying to swallow a Dodger stadium foot long dogger and was out of contention after hole 2. Dad was next up after launching his ball onto the freeway. Simon followed suit with his angry frenchman antics. Dustin kept it togethar until letting his hockey past get in the way and slap shotting a ball out of play and down near the go kart track. Lilla schooled us boys bye demonstrating that mini golf is suppose to be a finesse game, not a testosterone driven power clash.

Final Results (Front 9 + Back 9: Total)

Champ (aka Lilla Roy)- 29+26: 55
Dad (aka Brian Wallace)- 26+33: 59
Brother (aka Dustin Wallace)- 36+29: 65
Angry Frenchmen (aka Simon Tremblay)- 29+36: 65
DFL (aka Me)- 33+34: 67
Camping saturday night the rain came down and the tarp went up. Pre-race meal, campfire stories and bed.


A little rattled after finishing DFL (Dead F@!$* Last) in the Mini Golf Championships I was out for redemption in the BC Cup on Sunday.

Ripping out of the gates on the new horse (Kona Hei Hei Supreme) I quickly gapped the field going into the opening climb and everything pointed to a great race ahead. 2 minutes later it turned into a Tabernacker race as I mis timed a shift and destroyed my new XTR front derrailure and chain at the same time. With the race rocket upside down for TLC, the other racers stormed by as I used my butterfingers to set a new record for fixing a chain. I did a Taiwanese job of it though as it broke again 3 seconds later. Fixing it properly this time like a Nerdy Japanese automobile technician I was soon saddling back up to start the chase back up the the leaders. Coming around the first lap a little under 5 min down gave me a glimmer of hope as I new it was going to be a longer 2hr+ race.

With 4 laps to go on a demanding course and loving the new race machine I set the cruise control on high and slowly reeled in the leaders. Each lap had a 13 min climb followed by a wicked 6 min dh that the downhillers raced on the day before and then a short 5 min flat singletrack section through the woods. It seemed I was gaining about 1 min-1.5min a lap on the climb, a little bit on the decent and then losing a few seconds on the flat section which my middle chainring couldn’t keep up too. In the end the new rocket machine and I came in 2 min ahead of Greg Day (Rocky Mountain) to take the first legit W of the season.

It was a nice victory having family and friends on hand and I wasn’t too sure how the legs were going to work after a week of treeplanting. I will also admit I was pretty lucky to have my double refixed chain hold togethar for the rest of the race as I had used a broken chain link to fix it.

In the past my Bro and Dad have come to such episodes as, Seat Falling off BC Cup, Double Flatter Nationals, 70 ft’r Ass slide Canada Games and Pukey Puke 24 hrs of Adrenaline. Needless to say I didn’t want to add to that list.

After the race I was convinced on a fast forward trip to Tofino for a day of surfing on holiday monday. Rainy, windy, wet and another new addiction is formed. Santa if you are listening I would like to wish for a new surfboard, wet suit, hoody, gloves and booties for Christmas. PS I am not sure where I will be but I will shoot off fireworks so you can find me and I will have lots of cookies and milk.
Next up is the BC Road Champs this weekend in Beautiful Victoria BC. Things will start off with a 4 km Hill Climb Friday night with Tour de France rider, Ryder Hesjedal on the start list. On Saturday we will race 140 km up the wild west coast to Port Renfrew and back. Sunday will close the weekend out with the historic 75 lap Bastion Square criterium in the heart of Downtown. The legs are screaming to be let loose.

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  • Ronald J May 31st, 2010 3:37 pm

    Hey Cory

    It was an amazing race trying to figure out the race pressure ( broken chain).. I wish you goiod luck in your next challenge, and set a nasty pace to Ryder H..

    take care buddy

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