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24hrs of Adrenalin

24 in Camnore last weekend was ridiculously rad. Not going to lie, I am pretty f’d up at the moment. The opening lap was dangerous with a 4 minute le mans run to start out the event. I lost over 1 minute in this to some dude in baggy shorts and was probably 30th. I […]

Canadian XC Nationals

The XC Nationals in Canmore were pretty fricken awesome on saturday. The course was built for fitness freak’s as it climbed 250 m vertical per lap. There were alot of fitness freaks on the start line. I rode a steady race and watched the fireworks go off around me as riders blew themselves into outer […]

Canadian XC Nationals

The week after BCBR was a right off. Tubing, mtn climbing, whale watching, resting. Made it to Jasper in time for a summer snowstorm. Re-lit the legs with a couple spins. Riding a new bike with big wheels. Life is good. Tommorow is XC Nationals. Just another ride, only this one is being televised live […]


8 days, 450 racers, 400 km of trails, 8 different towns, 4 ferries = 1 hell of a road trip! I’ve heard big things about the BC Bike Race (BCBR). To get to do it as part of the Kona Factory team was unreal. Right now I feel like hell. WRECKED. Body and mind are […]