August Goodness

You can tell how good a race buggered you up by how long it takes to post something on your blog afterwards.

The Transrockies was a good one.

Stage 1 : 31 km Mudfest time trial

– started 5th behind Adam Craig (Giant), Max Plaxton (Sho-Air), Matt Hadley (Canada), Carl Decker (Giant) (based on UCI pts)

– thinking top 5 would be solid

– left the shoot at full steam trying to catch Decker who started 1 min ahead.
– catch Decker, leave him in rear view mirror
– close in on Hadley
-finish 3rd behind Craig and Plaxton
-ride of the week!!! I thought….

Stage 2 : 72 km Climbing Roady stage

– Decker sets pace, drops eveybody but Plaxton, Craig and myself
– Craig ups the tempo, Decker drops off
– ride with Plaxton and Craig towards finish
– both guys seem to be suffering so I up the tempo and open a gap
– 3 km to go and i’m beating Plaxton and Adam Craig!
– Come across the line 1st, 25 secs ahead of the other duo
– Biggest win ever.

Stage 3: 70 km of true TransRockies Goodness

– 40 km muddy fireroad
-15 km hike/bike/crazy willows/ giant rocky climb up the continental Divide
-8 km decent down boulder field
– 1 flat, Hadley and Kona boys pass me, Plaxton is ahead for the the win
– fix flat, catch Kona boys who also flatted, real in Hadley.
– roll in 2nd on stage.
– Adam Craig had a rough day and loses 10 min. I move into 2nd in GC.
2nd overall TR3!

Stages 4-7

-Team up with John Firth from Canmore for last 4 stages.
– finish 2nd overall on stage 4 and 3rd on stage 6.
– learn John is one crazy ass hardcore Diesel engine hockey player who can tear it up on a xc bike.
– freeze our asses on stage 6. Deja vu Bow 80….

Stage 8- Party

– 1 yukon jack, 3 fireballs, 1 wine, 1 ???
– crash hard

Stage 9- Road Provincials

– get worked over by 8 man H&R block
– Jamie Sparling and I spend 1 hr chasing back break
-catch break with 8km to finish
– try to ride in on diesel fumes for the victory
– finish 7th behind riders who emerged from the pack for the first time all day at the finish…

Stage 10- Ice Cream DT Cochrane then Camp on the Icefields.

Monday-Wednesday: Write off

Thursday-Saturday- Hike up in the Rockies

I’m still pretty worked over, hence this messed up blog report.

Next up is Hinton XC and MX Provincials this weekend. Come out to the Rockies for some good times!!!

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  • cory smith August 24th, 2010 1:29 pm

    Good job Cory.I was following the TR3 race while on holiday's in the USA with my phone.You did great!

  • Ronald J August 26th, 2010 11:43 pm

    Hey Loco Amigo

    Set nasty pace to the best mountain bikers.. drof them off is the best thing that could happend.. Congratulations..

  • BikingBakke September 22nd, 2010 11:31 pm

    great to see you hauling ass out there Cory!

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