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Croco Classic

The idea of riding 1200 km over 10 days in the northern outback of Australia with a bunch of euoro roadies and sketchy aussie animals sounded like a grand adventure. It was. I am now 12 days past the race and the body is finally starting to come around again. Stage 1 I felt like […]

Crocodile Trophy

Australia is a country of just 22 million people but it has 11 of the worlds 15 most venomous snakes, oceans full of jellyfish and sharks making them unswimmable for certain months as well as countless number of spiders and other creepy crawlers. Yesterday I made the 3 hr flight to Northern Australia to the […]

24 Hr Worlds

The days leading up to the 24 hr Worlds were pretty gongshowish as my buddy Jeff Collins (Kiwi) and I ran around Canberra picking up food etc for the race and setting up our Pit area out at race site. Prepping for a 24 hr race is a challenge in Canada, and that’s when we […]

24 Ready to Go!

There is a wombat digging holes in the course, divebombing magpies and rumours of a skitzofrantic kangaroo around the pit area. The Aussies have guranteed themselves a 1-2-3 placing on the podium and are doing there share of trashtalking. Not sure what is going to play out down here but us Canadians are ready to […]

The Other Side of the Road

September was spent overtraining myself to the point of resembling a hungover drug addict on East Hastings st in Vancouver, recovering for a couple days and then repeating. It seems alot easier to overtrain oneself after an already long race season then it is at the start. After I wrecked myself really good the last […]