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NZL Bike Tour part 2

Part 2 of the NZL bike tour turned out to be more then I bargained for. Lesson learned, sometimes when 12 different people give you the same advice about what can’t be done they are right. But then again sometimes they are wrong. Either way I got turned around 80 km into the adventure which […]

Sheep, Glaciers, and Bikes

New Zealand is a small country of just over 4 million people and apparently over 10 million sheep. The sheep are all over the place like a bunch of mating jack rabbits but they are slowly being removed and being replaced by the more lucrative cattle industry. It will be sad if they are removed […]

New Zealand!

New Zealand is pretty much coastal BC only on the other side of the globe with two exceptions. The first one is dangerous as every drives on the wrong side of the road. Knowing which way to look is harder then it sounds. The other difference is the language as Kiwis speak 95% english, and […]