Hello Canada, Goodbye Canada.

I have been back to Canada for 10 days now and have come up with my Christmas wish list.

1. Fly to Costa Rica
2. Race my road bike for 12 days against Latinos on “special vitamins”.
3. Rest on the beach

Don’t get me wrong, the past 10 days in Canada have been great. Returning to Canada is always great. There’s just something about riding bikes in Canadian weather for 5 months through the winter which my body doesn’t like. This has caused a seasonal migration south for the past 3 winters. I may have to get this dealt with at some point but for now I will follow the strange outside force which sends me down to central america each winter. I really can’t complain.

Too make things even sunnier down there I will be accompanied by my girlfriend Lilla this trip. She has been a huge support for me throughout this past racing season and will be helping our team at the Vuelta de Costa Rica which starts up this friday. It is clear that she is only allowed to put in as much time helping as she puts into sun bathing on the beaches.

If you look up the word Vuelta in the dictionary it will say “see gongshow”. After racing it last yr it became clear some of the racers in it have “special” forces for the race and ultimately it leaves us clean eating Canadians a little off the back. For this reason I will be looking at this race as a winter training camp in Costa Rica. We do have a strong sprinter in Jean Michael Lachance which we will be trying to get a stage win for before the race hits the mtn slopes.

Tommorow Lilla and I head down to Seattle to catch a flight south. Flying out of the states is alot cheaper and it allows us to hit up some cheap shopping while the US/Canadian dollars are at par. Right now the mind is still spinning from getting back from NZL but I’m sure Costa Rica will help settle it down. Goodbye Canada! Thanks for the past week of good food, hockey games, wet rides in Victoria and long sleeps in fresh Canadian air.

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  • cory smith December 13th, 2010 11:43 am

    They sure like the juice down there.Maybe it is diabites medication.When i did La Ruta in 2009 i saw a guy getting the needle on the road during the race by his support guy/nurse.Have fun over there and good luck.

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