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Tis the season to not think like an athlete and mow down on copius amounts of filler food and consume some non hydrating liquids. Work ended yesterday, just in time as the quad was limping along on 3 wheels, 1 chainsaw was dead and the truck was making some sketchy sounds. The mind was starting […]

Oil Country

The story from Sumatra is on hold due to work which is effectivly taking up 95% of my mental time and energy with eating taking up the other 5%.  Slashing trees is a pretty straightforward job, but as soon as you let it get mindless then you get slapped in the face by a loaded tree […]


The math of a Sumatran Bike Tour. 13 days 50 hrs ride time ??? km 4 rides in a monsoon 1 volcanic lake 9 organgutans 8 elephants 1 peacock sh*t load of monkeys 0 flat tires 0 mechanicals 0 tigers 2 invitations to marry daughters in the Batak indigenous family 2 offers turned down to marry daughters in […]

Indonesia Gongshow

The 140 km, 6 hr journey down to Malaysia’s historical city of Melaka turned into a bigger day on the bike then I expected.  Trying to ride out of Kualu Lumpor was ridiculous with freeways going every which way.  After 1 hr of circles I stuck my thumb out and caught an airport bus, 40 […]


Yesterday Kris and I flew off the Island of Langkawi and officially ended both of our 2011 race seasons.  I am calling it the year of the dodo bird.  Between being burnt out, injuries, and flat tires it definitely wasn’t a highlight real year, but it did have a some stellar moments. The Mongolia Challenge was one of […]


 On the breakfast menu today was an option called the “Malaysian breakfast”,  A choice of chilled fruits, Chinese Porridge with choice of chicken or fish with bean curd.   Mmmm, and travelers wonder why they get diarrhea…    Last Thursday night at 2:45 am, my teammate Kris Sneddon and I began a 13 + day trip […]


My only memories of Whitecourt Alberta are of playing hockey up here in the middle of winter.  It was always a deep freezer.  This fall has been much different as the weather has been A+.  Blue skys, crisp fall air, golden leaves and even a couple +25 days.   Work on the seismic lines is interesting with all […]

Bow 80

I’m not sure where the last month went but it has been a pretty rad rollercoaster.   After Mongolia I headed home to the Rockies with Lilla for some wind down time at my Dads farm just outside the village of Mcbride.   A few hikes in the mtns some rounds around the hay field in the […]

Genuine Innovations

  For the first time in my life I have a sponsor in which I hope I will never have to use any of there products.   That sponsor is Genuine Innovations. Genuine Innovations has been a world leader in high pressure valve technology, design and manufacturing since 1989.  They are most often recognized for there popular line […]

Mongolia Bike Challenge

The Mongolian Challenge was hard, but the jet lag is worse, far worse.  This update is being composed at 4 am, Canadian time, aka 7 pm Mongolian time.   I left Mongolia at 11:50 am on Monday and arrived in Canada at the same time, same day.  This provokes a problematic reaction in a guys sleep […]

Mongolia Bike Challenge

Coming Soon…  There is a slight internal problem with jet lag at the moment…     Until then the last couple stage reports are now up on

24 Video

Full report from Mongolia coming soon! For now here’s a promo video for the 24 hr World Solo Championships!


Holy Mongolia!  This place is rad.  The last 2.5 days have been spent running around Mongolia’s capital city UlaanBattor, grabbing race supplies, drinking sketchy milk and dodging traffic which doesn’t stop for pedestrians.   This is a nomadic land in which the majority of the population lives off the land herding animals around the most sparsley densilated […]

24 hrs..Jasper…Squamish…Mongolia!

This past week was meant to be full of long epic rides to prep for the Mongolia Challange bike race starting on August 2nd. The first four days were spent in Jasper with Kris Sneddon doing some of my favourite rides in the world.  This place is unreal for riding and is the perfect place […]

XC Nationals

This past weekend my team mate Kris Sneddon and I took our stab at the Canadian XC Nationals.  The weather was sunny, the Rockies were as beautiful as ever and the race course was one of the best we ever raced.   Nice work Matt Hadley for the trail building and the Cyclmeisters club out of Calgary for putting on a great […]


Wow, the past week has been unreal.. On saturday we finished up the BC Bike Race on some great trails around Whistler (comfortably numb) with the 3 of us Kona riders coming across the line togethar to finish off a solid week of riding.  Overall Barry and Kris won the Team category, and I finished […]


The past 5 days of BC Bike Race have been unreal. Sunny, great trails, and ripping competition. Our 29’r Kona Hei Hei Dualies are eating up the singletrack. Wicks and Sneddon are demolishing the team division and sitting 3rd overall. I’ve had 5 solid rides, and am sitting 5th overall, 4th in the solo division. […]

BC Bike Race and !!!

Tonight I am up in Campbell River BC with my Kona Teamates Barry Wicks and Kris Sneddon as we prepare to tackle the first stage of the BC Bike Race tommorow. Stage 1 starts in Cumberland. It will be an epic battle with some of the top riders in the World here. Check out the […]

Hornby Island

Last weekend was the first highlight of the summer. 4 days on Hornby Island, racing, camping, and hanging around with a very solid crew at Stefan Widmers Island escape. Early friday morning my racing buddy, Raph, and I loaded up his mazda and headed 3 hrs north up island and then took the two ferry […]

Test of Metal

The test of Metal was a true test of Metal. The metal failed the test (aka two broken chains). Good day for confidence building and to practice passing skills as I rode from 650 posisition to 52 by the end. only 51 more spots to go… Off to Hornby for a wknd of Camping and […]