Hibernation. That is why this blog is still not functioning. There’s good news though as spring is nearly here and that means Mr. Wally is coming out of his winter coma. The last 3 winters this has been avoided in thanks to Central America but this yr Mr.Wally decided to stay in Canada for the brunt of the winter. I now understand why Grizzly bears hibernate through the winter. Pretty Smart animals. The monarch butterflies are also right up there with there migrating patterns to Mexico. I have much respect for these two animals.

Sooo… the last two months have gone something like this. 1 week training camp with national team, 1 week training in sunny victoria, 1 bonehead move which = broken thumb, 3 weeks in a cast, 2 weeks riding/ cross training (aka xc skiing, snowshoeing), 1 week riding in the rain, a little bit of college work, alot of central America dreaming and here we are now, March 9th, with racing season just around the corner.
Being in Canada this winter has been a little different then riding around central american volcanoes and beaches. I respect those bikers that train up here every winter. They are hardcore. My head is having a rough time grasping the concept of riding in rainy and freezing temps day after day but in reality there aren’t that many bad riding days, just bad clothing choices. Thanks to one of my new sponsors, The North Face, the rain/cold doesn’t have the bite it use to have. I’m not sure how they can make clothes that breath like a siv yet block rain out like a tin roof but somebody, somewhere in The North Face factory is on top of there game!

With spring around the corner my body is starting to get amped up for another wicked race season. New bikes are coming, new team kits, new race dreams and a summer full of epic good times awaits! Now I just need to remember to get my riding clothes dried out before another wet coast ride in the morning.

3 Comments on “Hibernation”

  • Ronald J March 11th, 2011 5:08 pm

    Hey Buddy!! I wish you a good season , good results, and too much fun!! Nice to heard you a lot of results.

  • BikingBakke March 15th, 2011 4:03 am

    well, the canadian winter will toughen you up if nothing else!

  • Squamish Dude March 15th, 2011 5:07 am

    going to be a rad season for you dude, back from NZ in April…come out and train and crash in the spare room…

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