Arizona Bound

Getting on a ferry is like trying to get into a bar in Quebec while underage. The odds are in your favour but once in a while you get ko’d. Today was one of those days while trying to get off Vancouver Island. Logically a 3 pm ferry in the middle of the week should be pretty relaxed, Not today That boat filled at 2:20 pm so I pulled a U turn and headed back home for a quick lunch and BS with my buddy Simon then left at 3:30 pm to catch to 5 pm boat. Showing up at 3:55 should do the trick, and it did, barely, by 7 cars. Welcome to summer. I’ve decided my truck is Mainland bound for the summer and will opt for the bike with pannier technique until the calmer fall travell times prevail.

This past week has been a glimpse of OT (overtraining). The legs are saying stop, I’m saying go. This argument has been going on for a couple weeks now but I’ve decided for the rest of the week the legs will win and as a reuslt they will be placed up the closest wall around.

The timing could work out alright with the Whisky 50 down in Prescott Arizona this weekend. Tommorow I will head out to meet up with the rest of the Kona boys (Barry Wicks, Kris Sneddon and Dave Mcnaughton) in Phoenix. Friday is the shortrack to open the legs and then Sunday is the 50 miler with 10 grand in the pot. This will surely attract a solid field.

Down in AZ right now in the constructive surgery room with Team Mechanic Dave Mcnaughton are the new race machines for the yr. My thoughts are with these two girls to have smooth operations and a peaceful last few days before all hell breaks lose for the next 4 months.

Right now its time for a little nap while the ferrie cruises across the pacific waters to Vancouver.

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