Island Cups, Bike Tours and Camping

The past 10 days on the island the weather has earned a “F” grading but the biking has been A+. 2 island cup xc races (Campbell river and Cumberland), 2 victories, 1 random 3 day bike tour/camping trip around Campbell river/ Quadra island and close to 30 hrs on the bike. All this has added up to a very tired biker who is currently Fried. Nothing a couple days of R&R and natural foods can’t fix…

The Island Cup race series out here is possibly the funnest race series around. Cheap entry fees, technical 90% singletrack courses, good people and no politics. The series is as grassroots as it comes and does a perfect job at gettting anyone and everyone interested into racing out into a non hostile environment to enjoy some great riding. Add in the laid back island attitude,some typical wet weather and you have the makings for some memorable weekends. Where else are the race organizers lumberjacks who shoot the start pistol off from the top of a cutoff stump in the bush while downing a beer?

Check out the website:

As for the bike touring on Vancouver Island there is some serious potential for epic trips. There are logging roads all over the area, tons of campsites, small fishing lakes, lots of firewood and small communities all over the place to re-stock. There is a slight problem with the weather though. This past week after touring 5 hrs in a torrential downpour in +3 temps I was forced off the bike and into the woods to warm up by a bonfire for 3 hrs. Day 2 of the tour went more of the same so I ditched the plans of going to Tahsis and headed back to Campbell river to the laundromat as every piece of clothing I had was drenched. After a bit of laundry the bike trailer was re-packed and it was off to Quadra island for the night. Another night of rain, another day of hail and the first bike tour of the yr came to a close. It looks like mother nature needs another couple weeks to get her ducks lined up properly.

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