Whisky Short Track

Thursday was a solid travel day down here to Prescott Arizona. It is great down here. Warm temps, stunning cacti filled landscapes and some solid desert sunsets. A slight change from the cloudy drizzle on Vancouver Island. Kris and I are still squinting as our eyes aren’t yet use to the brightness of the sun after living the past 3 months up in the darkness.

Yesterday afternoon was the pre-ride meeting and then Kris, Barry and I adjusted our new race machines which our mechanic Dave has been working on so hard to get ready for the weekend. Needless to say the new race machines are wicked. 29 inch wheels, new XTR, Stans Wheels, FSR composite components and brand new Maxxis rubber. These bikes are going to be the ultimate endurance rigs!

The day was going great until we lined up for the fat tire criterium in downtown Prescott last night. Someone forgot to tell us it was a two pitch, very steep climb followed by a brief down hill rest period before repeating multiple times. For the first 5 laps Team Kona was killing it with Kris, Barry and I all in the top 7 before Barry sprinted up the hill to take the first $100 prime. Only 3 of the 80 riders could go with Barry’s effort (Chris Sheppard, Tinker, Peter Glassford). I was stuck in no mans land just behind the leading 4 before I gave one last effort over the climb to catch them which sent my body into shock. I’m not sure if the mile high altitude of the race (5 600 ft) had anything to do with it but I wrecked something in my body and my legs started peddling backwards for the next 15 minutes before I recovered slightly in the final couple laps to squander a top 10. My pace for the middle part of the race seemed resembled that of an easy Sunday recovery ride, yet my hr was through the roof and the legs felt as if they were dragging an andvil behind them. Usually after a couple laps the body will recover but not last night as recovery time seemed to be 10 fold. Its Saturday morning now and I’m still not sure if I’m recovered. The rest of the Kona squad had a decent race with Barry taking the last podium spot coming in 5th, and Kris coming in just behind him in 7th.

Today is rest day as the 1000 amateurs will take to the course. On Sunday its race day with the 50 miler cross country course which will wind us through the surrounding dessert landscape before spitting us out back in dt Prescott for the finish.

Overall the Whisky 50 is shaping into a very rad weekend. The organizer have everything dialed and the atmosphere around the old Western town of Prescott is electric. It seems events like this are the future of mountain biking as they are able to create a festival feeling which gets everybody involved. Having “Whisky Row” just blocks from the finish line is probably helping things along.

Check out the event website! http://www.epicrides.com/wor/wor.htm

Over and out.

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