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Hornby Island

Last weekend was the first highlight of the summer. 4 days on Hornby Island, racing, camping, and hanging around with a very solid crew at Stefan Widmers Island escape. Early friday morning my racing buddy, Raph, and I loaded up his mazda and headed 3 hrs north up island and then took the two ferry […]

Test of Metal

The test of Metal was a true test of Metal. The metal failed the test (aka two broken chains). Good day for confidence building and to practice passing skills as I rode from 650 posisition to 52 by the end. only 51 more spots to go… Off to Hornby for a wknd of Camping and […]

Lord Stanley

Coming back west is always great, top it off with sunny weather and good friends to ride with and its pretty tough to complain. After a less then stellar trip on the Canada cup circuit it has been time to press the reset button on the season goals and get another master plan in shape […]