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Holy Mongolia!  This place is rad.  The last 2.5 days have been spent running around Mongolia’s capital city UlaanBattor, grabbing race supplies, drinking sketchy milk and dodging traffic which doesn’t stop for pedestrians.   This is a nomadic land in which the majority of the population lives off the land herding animals around the most sparsley densilated […]

24 hrs..Jasper…Squamish…Mongolia!

This past week was meant to be full of long epic rides to prep for the Mongolia Challange bike race starting on August 2nd. The first four days were spent in Jasper with Kris Sneddon doing some of my favourite rides in the world.  This place is unreal for riding and is the perfect place […]

XC Nationals

This past weekend my team mate Kris Sneddon and I took our stab at the Canadian XC Nationals.  The weather was sunny, the Rockies were as beautiful as ever and the race course was one of the best we ever raced.   Nice work Matt Hadley for the trail building and the Cyclmeisters club out of Calgary for putting on a great […]


Wow, the past week has been unreal.. On saturday we finished up the BC Bike Race on some great trails around Whistler (comfortably numb) with the 3 of us Kona riders coming across the line togethar to finish off a solid week of riding.  Overall Barry and Kris won the Team category, and I finished […]


The past 5 days of BC Bike Race have been unreal. Sunny, great trails, and ripping competition. Our 29’r Kona Hei Hei Dualies are eating up the singletrack. Wicks and Sneddon are demolishing the team division and sitting 3rd overall. I’ve had 5 solid rides, and am sitting 5th overall, 4th in the solo division. […]

BC Bike Race and !!!

Tonight I am up in Campbell River BC with my Kona Teamates Barry Wicks and Kris Sneddon as we prepare to tackle the first stage of the BC Bike Race tommorow. Stage 1 starts in Cumberland. It will be an epic battle with some of the top riders in the World here. Check out the […]