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Indonesia Gongshow

The 140 km, 6 hr journey down to Malaysia’s historical city of Melaka turned into a bigger day on the bike then I expected.  Trying to ride out of Kualu Lumpor was ridiculous with freeways going every which way.  After 1 hr of circles I stuck my thumb out and caught an airport bus, 40 […]


Yesterday Kris and I flew off the Island of Langkawi and officially ended both of our 2011 race seasons.  I am calling it the year of the dodo bird.  Between being burnt out, injuries, and flat tires it definitely wasn’t a highlight real year, but it did have a some stellar moments. The Mongolia Challenge was one of […]


 On the breakfast menu today was an option called the “Malaysian breakfast”,  A choice of chilled fruits, Chinese Porridge with choice of chicken or fish with bean curd.   Mmmm, and travelers wonder why they get diarrhea…    Last Thursday night at 2:45 am, my teammate Kris Sneddon and I began a 13 + day trip […]