Tis the season to not think like an athlete and mow down on copius amounts of filler food and consume some non hydrating liquids. Work ended yesterday, just in time as the quad was limping along on 3 wheels, 1 chainsaw was dead and the truck was making some sketchy sounds. The mind was starting to wander as well. 2 weeks working out in the boondocks living in a camp which is 95% male is about the time we start to de evolutinize and begin to resemble are ancestors the apes. Our language is the first to go as it goes into a fowl form of english which our Moms wouldn’t be proud of.

I’m trying to keep things in perspective. One more shift up in F Mac in January then its ride time! Its an exciting time of year as the race schedules start coming out. Next yr looks unreal, highlighted with the 24 hr Worlds coming back to Canada in my neighbours backyard down in Canmore Alberta. The roster of bikers coming is impressive and will clearly lead to a war in which the last man standing will take the title.

Off to by some cookies and milk and then email Santa my wish list.

1 unscrewed quad
1 unscrewed chainsaw
1 truck to not self implode in 2012

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