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It’s the start of the Canadian winter and Northern Alberta is a blazing with seismic teams and drill rigs across the muskeg landscape surrounding Fort Mcmurray. Alberta as a province ranks 2nd in the world against all Oil producing countries with its known reserves of over 200 billion barrels of oil. This is 13% of […]

MBC Documentary

Here’s a real cool documentary on the Mongolia Bike Challenge 2012… MBC 2012.

Aussie Days of Summer

Australia voyage 2012 has come to a close as I sit here in Canada feeling like a jet lagged stoned wombat. The racing was great, getting a bike and 90% of my luggage jacked was forgettable but the new friends created are the real highlight of the trip. After the Croc I forgot about bike […]

The Croco Files

The Crocodile Trophy is one of the greatest mountain bike adventures I have experienced. Its one part bike racing to one part playing boy scout in the Australian Outback . With blazing heat, crazy and deadly animals, euro racers and the “x-factors” of the Outback it makes for one heck of a challenging 9 days, […]

Outback Racing

The rest week after the Scott 24 hrs couldn’t had been much better as the Stinson’s house in Canberra provided good sleeps, good company and good feeds. Not much more a roasted mtb could ask for! Heading up north to Cairns on Thursday was straightforward. For anyone coming to race in Australia, Jetstar is a […]

Aussie Scott 24 HRS

Scott 24hrs Whammm! Another solid 24 in the bank and I’m not super screwed for the next 3 weeks recovering, just sorta… The Scott 24 Hrs was one of the hardest races I have ever done as the competition was very tough, the conditions were muddy, and there was a little jet lag to deal […]

Australian 24 HR Champs

Scott 24 HR= Done. 4th Report coming once I arise from the darkness.

Off Season?

This past September was one of the most unreal Septembers ever. An Indian summer came into the Rockies and left us all up there running around like a bunch of sugar high kids at Halloween as we tried to take advantage of the unreasonably awesome weather. Things all started off with 5 days in McBride/Jasper […]

Bow 80

After resting for a week to let an inflamed leg tendon heal up I showed up in Jasper Sept 3rd for a mini training camp before the Bow 80. After three days of solid riding it was time for some tapering. Tapering (aka being lazy) is not one of my best virtues, esepecially when the […]

Marathon Nationals

Kris and I had a great flash trip to Quebec for Marathon Nationals. The race was centred around the small village of Saint Raymond about 1 hr west of Quebec city. The start/finish line was on main street with a large noisy crowd which went nuts as they called up the local heroes Raphael Gagne […]

Racing Around

It has been a battle getting things glued back together after the 2.5 week stint over in Mongolia. For some reason flying east around the globe kicks a guy in the ass a lot more then flying west. We left Mongolia Aug 11th at 11:45 am and got in to Vancouver Aug 11th 11:45 am. […]


The Mongolia Bike Challenge starts this Sunday and runs through til August 9th. As the race takes place out in the middle of another planet the race updates will be uploaded via a very expensive internet system with all the daily reports, results and pictures coming up first on I will also be doing […]

BC Bike Race

What a week! BC Bike Race 2012. Day 1: Cumberland: 13th My teammate Barry Wicks won a three up sprint for first to take the leaders Jersey. I got schooled. I’m not sure if it was the two long travel days before the race, the lack of a good lead up ride to open up […]


A couple weeks back in your hometown can do a person alot of good. The riding in Jasper is soooo good. Endless flowing trails, a couple solid road rides, a few mtn lookouts and a great homegrown bikeshop in Freewheel Cycle. The boys (& girls) down there love to ride and fix bikes and talk […]

Test of Metal

The Test of Metal in Squamish BC was a weird weekend. After 2 weeks of very light training and finishing off bingeing on antibiotics things were starting to look up again. Being a little bummed at not racing Nationals or the World Cup it was time for a change of scenery so I decided on […]

Jaw, Pennsylvania Racing

Holy Hell. 6 weeks of training my immunity and my body’s ability to race while it is at war with itself is enough! I learned two very valuable things this past while. A) if a tooth is being a bastard, get it fixed. Ignoring pain is good while racing but not when its in your […]


Here is the finished product from an interview down in Tucson this past February with the UK based Privateer Magazine!

Genuine Innovations

This past week after the Salty Dog there was a total of 4 hrs of biking and 6 days of feeling like I got run over by a freight train full of coal. The last of the Penicillin was used up, there was one more round of visits to the doc and dentist today and […]

De’d Dog

The 6hr Salty Dog race in Salmon Arm last weekend was a lot like the Toronto Maple Leafs 2012 hockey season.   A complete 100% catastrophic meltdown.  On the first lap I set a solid tempo up the first climb and to my pleasure had a solid gap on the field.  Riding within my means […]

Balance Point Racing

This weekend is the 6hr Salty Dog Marathon in Salmon Arm BC.  It is going to be rad as the trails are great and the atmosphere is pretty cool with 400 + bike riders out in force to battle it out for freshly baked apple pies.  The crew from Balance Point Racing will be there.  […]