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A couple weeks back in your hometown can do a person alot of good. The riding in Jasper is soooo good. Endless flowing trails, a couple solid road rides, a few mtn lookouts and a great homegrown bikeshop in Freewheel Cycle. The boys (& girls) down there love to ride and fix bikes and talk […]

Test of Metal

The Test of Metal in Squamish BC was a weird weekend. After 2 weeks of very light training and finishing off bingeing on antibiotics things were starting to look up again. Being a little bummed at not racing Nationals or the World Cup it was time for a change of scenery so I decided on […]

Jaw, Pennsylvania Racing

Holy Hell. 6 weeks of training my immunity and my body’s ability to race while it is at war with itself is enough! I learned two very valuable things this past while. A) if a tooth is being a bastard, get it fixed. Ignoring pain is good while racing but not when its in your […]