The Mongolia Bike Challenge starts this Sunday and runs through til August 9th.
As the race takes place out in the middle of another planet the race updates will be uploaded via a very expensive internet system with all the daily reports, results and pictures coming up first on

I will also be doing a daily write up on

Preps for Mongolia have been 100% here in Victoria BC the past 2.5 weeks. Big rides, small rides, hard rides, easy rides, long sleeps, good food, good friends, it went pretty stellar. Yesterday the excitement level hit off the radar. It was good the excitement factor was there as packing for this race is like your packing for the moon. If you forget something or if something fails, your pretty screwed as out in the Mongolian outback all your gonna find for help is a bunch of yak, a few stones and maybe a tree if your lucky.

The boys down at Russ Hays Bike shop here in Victoria helped me look after a few last minute bike adjustments today and made sure the supplies were topped up before I left for never never land. Thanks guys! Half the battle of a bike race like this is to get a healthy body and bike to the start line in one piece. This is where the support systems an athlete have come in huge. I have been very lucky to have a strong network of help across BC and Alberta and can’t thank my friends, family and sponsors enough for the opportunity’s they have helped me jump all over!

Mongolia bound mañana!

Over and out.

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