Aussie Days of Summer

Australia voyage 2012 has come to a close as I sit here in Canada feeling like a jet lagged stoned wombat. The racing was great, getting a bike and 90% of my luggage jacked was forgettable but the new friends created are the real highlight of the trip.

After the Croc I forgot about bike riding for a while and lived life like it was stuck on Saturday night. Enjoying BBQ’s, late nights, ciders and the good company of international racers in a relaxed state of mind as most of us were done racing for the year. It was the perfect way to unwind after a busy 8 months of globe trekking with my Kona ride beside me. With the Croc competitors and support slowly vanishing from Cairns, I hopped a flight to the Central Coast (communities just north of Sydney) and started being a bike whore.

1st off was Shirley, she was a $19 rental I found in Cairns who I used to get around to all the Pawnshops looking for my gear. I even lugged her up a climb 5 times as I tried to preserve some fitness for the Highland fling the following weekend.

2nd off was Albrageda. A crazy single speed who nearly drove me mental. One of my bigger mistakes in life was made on this day as I was convinced into racing the NSW state champs at Ourimbah on this girl. The race started out ok until we hit the first flat section of trail 3 minutes in. I was dusted by all 13 other riders, and soon caught by the Sport class which started behind us. Spinning out at 140 rpm, having pot bellied dudes in baggies yelling at my to get out of the way was almost enough for me to retire from cycling. 5 laps, a red lantern, and I have retired from single speeding racing forever. I 100% guarantee that statement. Thanks James Wilson for lending me Albrageda for the day, I understand why you may have wanted to get away from her for a bit.

Number 3 was Molly, a sleazy indoor bike at the fitness center which James was teaching Spin class at. It was a suffery 45 minutes of sweating but James had some inspiring speeches and got us through it.

The 4th fling was with Betty, another one-day stand who was really short for me, this one from Wayne Gibson. It was going just fine until I challenged my mate James Lamb to a KOM and snapped the chain off her. It was straight up domestic abuse. It was good Karma for James as he had been attacking me at the start of the ride, making me redline it, but now he was the one red lining it as he pushed me 3 km to the closest bike shop for some new jewelry.

Bike # 5 was a beauty named Transition, Julian Wisata’s old friend. This girl could go forever as Martin and I found out in our DH roll off. I out coasted Martin and his 220 lb. frame by over a country mile. She certainly didn’t climb like a Kona though as Martin ripped me apart on a couple KOM’s on our rides out to Ourimbah.

# 6 was an absolute gorgeous drop-dead girl named KONA!!! Woohoo.!! She had perfect curves and absolutely rocked. Thanks Mal for letting me go out on a couple dates with your prize. Unfortunately she was artificial and had blow up tubes contributing to her curves. They flatted every ride but that’s just a flaw in whoever designed tubes as they aren’t happy unless your really really gentle with them.

Apart from being a bike whore, the week down on the Central coast was sweet. Birthday parties and riding with my mate James Lamb. 4 days of being spoiled staying with Julian and Martin Wisata, organizers of the Rocky Trail Entertainment races. We ate food, road bikes, bet on horses and jumped in pools. Life was really rough staying with these guys.

Tarren, a new friend from the Scott 24 hrs, toured me all over the Central Coast giving me the locals’ insight to the area. I probably could’ve done without seeing the old man with his hooker down in the hidden cove at Bateau Bay but Tarren left nothing out and gave me the full tour.

Too end the week I spent a night with Mike Blewitt down along the Sydney harbour and we bs’d about bike racing with a few of his mates. Mike has recently created a cool new website for Marathon Bike racing with
From Mikes, Ben Jones (Kona rep and employee of Group Sportif) and I headed down to Canberra for some riding and to pick up what was left of my luggage. I got to crash in on Todd Nowack and Kim, a couple Canadians, who were just moving into there new place in Canberra. Nothing like house guests on the first night! That’s good old Canadian hospitality for you.

Unfortunately the Highland fling didn’t work out as I was flung out from my week of being a bike whore. At the time of entry deadline I had no bike to race and by the time I had a bike to race the rego had closed. They were pretty serious about the rego deadline so I was left flinging around in other places for the weekend. Not racing on Sunday surprisingly put me in a fowl mood, I figured my mind was over bike racing for the year but sitting on the sidelines isn’t in my playbook yet.

One last day of touring some touristy sights with Tarren in Sydney concluded what has been another unreal trip over here Down Under. The wildlife zoo and Aquarium down along Darling Harbour are a great place to kill an afternoon in Sydney. WIth 24 hr Worlds over here in 2013 there’s reason to think I may be back this way sooner then later.

For now it’s time for some quiet time in Victoria before I head up North into the boonies for some redneck times in the Patch. I really can’t comprehend the shock I’m about to send my body into. From bike racing in 44 degree heat in Aus to trudging around in a foot of snow and -30 temps in the northern tundra of Canada slashing trees. Sorry soul, but this one could hurt for the first few days.

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  • Tarren Sohier November 15th, 2012 11:11 am

    ‘Spinning out at 140 rpm, having pot bellied dudes in baggies yelling at my to get out of the way was almost enough for me to retire from cycling’ LOL! Love your blogs

  • joe jocelyn valcourt November 16th, 2012 12:45 am

    Aussie days of summer . I love your photos .

    Wish I was there . Watch out for Sharks Cory .

    Regards , joe

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