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Hellfire Cup (Tasmania), Jet Black 24hrs

Some people describe the State of Tasmania as the anchor for Australia as it sits 240 km south off the main continent.  It also takes a lot of smack talk from the mainlanders for being a little “out there.”   The island is the 26th largest in the World and is home to just over […]

Taiwan KOM

Taiwan “the heart of Asia”, is a very interesting little country just off the southeast coast of China.   It is a tad bigger (35 980 sq km vs 31 284 sq km) then Vancouver Island, has half the coast line (1566.3 km vs 3440 km)  and has a populaton 33 times greater at just over 23 […]

Crocodile Trophy Round 3

The Crocodile Trophy is one of my favourite MTB races in the World, right up there with the adventures of the Mongolia Bike Challenge.  Racing 9-days through the jungle and dry Outback from Cairns to Cooktown in North Eastern Australia is something which is getting better every season I return (x3).  This year the race […]

24hr Worlds Recap

Heading into the Wembo 24 Hr World Solo Championships I had one goal. Take the belt from 3-time champion Jason English.  The form was there, the lead up to the race was A+ with good sleeps, good food and good company chilling with Leighton and staying with fellow Canadians Todd Nowack and Kim Picard.  The […]

World Solo 24hr Championships

This Saturday the WEMBO World Solo 24hr Championships will take place in Canberra Australia.  Landing here on Monday morning to see my Dad and his fiancee Eileen at the airport was like an illusion.  My Dad is farm boy from Saskatchewan who now lives up in the mountains riding his horses all across the Canadian wilderness. […]

Langkawi Sweatshow

10 days on Langkawi Island racing turned into a stellar lead up to 24 hr Worlds in Australia next week.  The racing was short and intense, and not to stressful on the legs as the sauna we raced in governed the systems at about 90% so they wouldn’t overheat and shutoff.  Most days felt like […]

Malaysia UCI Marathon World Series

The first ever UCI World Marathon Series race in Asia was held yesterday on the island of Langkawi, Malaysia.  It was an outright death march from the gun as 87 of us from 30 different countries tackled the 3 lap x 27km course through the sweltering Jungle.  Each lap had two very steep hike/bike 20 […]


Nippon, aka Japan is an archipelago of over 6000 islands in southeast asia, consisting of 126 million people.  The characters that make up “Japan” means sun origin, probably why Japan is often known as “the land of the rising sun.”  They have the World’s 3rd largest economy, 2nd lowest homicide rate, and 5th largest military […]

Racing Japanese Style

The Gong was ringing loud and clear as I landed in Japan and found my Carbon Kona King Kahuna cracked in half due to some negligence by a certain Chinese airline on the trip over from Mongolia.   Thanks to some great friends (TK, Takuya, & Yuki) and an amazing sponsor in Kona (Aki World […]

Mongolia Bike Challenge Round 3

It was my third time racing the MBC (Mongolia Bike Challenge) and it never seizes to amaze me what this race and country have to offer.  Every year I come I think “danm that was an adventure of a lifetime”, but I’m starting to realize that it’s just what life is like when you try […]

Canadian Marathon Championships

A huge goal in my cycling career came true this past weekend in Quebec by being crowned the Canadian Marathon Champion! The voyage started off Thursday night at basecamp in Victoria as I packed for 2.5 months of travelling oversees.  It was a full-fledged controlled gong show.  Packing for a race weekend is one thing, […]

Maple Leaf and Pink Jerseys

Two weeks of intermission time at home in the Rockies has left my mind rested & rejuvenated for an exciting 2nd half of the racing year yet to come.  First off is a little journey over to Quebec this weekend to hunt down a Maple Leaf jersey at the Canadian Marathon Championships.  Right after that […]


The TransRockies has been going on for 12 years and has covered various routes between Panorama, Canmore and Fernie.  It has become legendary thanks to its historical epic days, questionable weather and great organization which has treated its riders like family since day 1. This years tour was a little different due to the recent […]

Week at Barrys (Bend Oregon)

The head bonk at the BC Bike Race healed up quicker then I would’ve expected but on average with other concussions right around the 7-10 day mark.  I was concerned as I hit my head hard in back to back games in juniors one year and had headaches for months after, lucky for me I […]

BC Bike Race

The BC Bike Race Journey began last Friday boarding a ferry to Vancouver with 1 Kona Hei Hei Supreme, 2 stuffed North Face duffel bags full of race gear, and a backpack full of food and drinks to get through the 7 day race week.    Trying to get off the elevator to unload my […]

Trains, Planes and Jet lagged bike rides

The days after a big race are generally a struggle as we try to battle through fatigue, the diminishment of excitement, and the usual pattern of packing up and travelling.This time around I was lucky to have a few extra days to relax in Europe as my flight home was set for Wednesday morning out […]

4 Peaks- Stage 4

The final stage of the tour started with a flat 50 km ride down an asphalt bike path. The first 25 km of this was sketchy as we had over 300 riders onto the fairly skinny bike path.  It was a non stop battle to keep your position as riders were overly excited to get […]

4 Peaks- Stage 3

Stage 3 was considered the “Queens stage” of this years race as it rolled 82 km over two mountains between Kirchberg & Kaprun (Host of the 2002 World XC Championships).  All the beds were taken in Kirchberg so we backtracked to Lofer to spend the night.  This would’ve been a splendid plan but the recent […]

4 Peaks- Stage 2

Hopping in a cold shower this morning I new it was going to be a good day on the bike as my body embraced the freezing water.  Yesterday my body shied away from the cold shower. I’m starting to figure the response to the cold shower is a sign of how much my body will […]

Bike 4 Peaks- Stage 1

Bike 4 Peaks started today in Bavaria, Germany with the first stage heading 69 km over some small mountains from Ruhpolding, Germany to Lofer Austria.  It started with a 20-kilometer neutral start on the highway as the original route had been recently washed out by torrential rains.  After getting screwed over pretty good in the […]