Mucho Gracias Amigos

2012 ended with a bang up on Signal Mountain in Jasper National Park. Having Dave MacDowell, Tracy and Keri join me for a dark ski/snowshoe was the perfect way to end another great year. Dave use to manage the local bike shop (Freewheel Cycle) in Jasper and was my first ever sponsor/supporter as he hooked me up with bikes Via Dik @ Kona bicycles to help train for Hockey during the summer months.

Picture from Joseph Cackett

Dave now manages TNF outlet stores with Cam Wilson in Jasper, Banff, Kelowna and Red Deer under the name Wild Mountain. It’s always special to come back home and spend time with friends like Dave who have spent a good portion of there lives unselfishlyy helping others follow there dreams. Role Model are the words that come to mind.

With 2012 in the past I want to send out a Huge Thank You to all my sponsors!

KONA Bicycles– For the great times with the team, bikes, riding gear, components from MAXXIS, SRAM, EASTON, WTB, GIRO, SMITH, CHAMPION SYSTEMS, CRANK BROTHERS, ODI, FSA and CLIFF BAR, trips to Mongolia, Pensylvania, Arizona, California and BCBR!

The North Face– For the great all weather clothing, MiniBus3 tent, casual clothing, and for the help with the Australian adventure 2012.

Freewheel Cycle in Jasper– For the home base, bs’ing in the shop, gear, bike maintenance (Thanks Derrick!), fashionable clothes, and for the great group rides in Jasper.

Balance Point Racing– bike fitting, training ideas, testing and training camps. Thanks Luke Way!

Steve Gaffney and OGC (Outdoor Gear Canada) – for the bike racks and other promotional gear!

Genuine Innovations– CO2’s and multiple sizes and styles of tire inflators.

Russ Hayes Bike Shop in Victoria- for fixing bikes, helping out with gear and keeping bike racing going in Victoria BC.

Lindsay Wadsworth and Daniel VanderZwan at Integrity Reclamation Seismic– For the winter work that keeps me fit and the bank account full.

Launch 2013…

2 Comments on “Mucho Gracias Amigos”

  • joe valcourt January 6th, 2013 8:57 pm

    Nice photo , nice model Cory .

    Happy trails . As you already noticed ,

    it`s starting to get easier . Good luck . joe

  • Crazy Larry January 12th, 2013 6:33 am

    Cory is this your setup for that bike ride you and Leighton Poidevin did together?
    What day and time was it, again?
    * I’ve finally got my 45 North Winter Cycling Boots. Hope to feel Cozy!
    *Doing this Highway SOLO brings on a WHOLE NEW risk management assessment.I’ll finish this highway one shot yet! 😉
    A few trial runs for confidence with my NEW 45 North Boots and I’m off to Jasper to Banff.
    your friend
    Crazy Larry

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