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24hr Worlds Recap

Heading into the Wembo 24 Hr World Solo Championships I had one goal. Take the belt from 3-time champion Jason English.  The form was there, the lead up to the race was A+ with good sleeps, good food and good company chilling with Leighton and staying with fellow Canadians Todd Nowack and Kim Picard.  The […]

World Solo 24hr Championships

This Saturday the WEMBO World Solo 24hr Championships will take place in Canberra Australia.  Landing here on Monday morning to see my Dad and his fiancee Eileen at the airport was like an illusion.  My Dad is farm boy from Saskatchewan who now lives up in the mountains riding his horses all across the Canadian wilderness. […]

Langkawi Sweatshow

10 days on Langkawi Island racing turned into a stellar lead up to 24 hr Worlds in Australia next week.  The racing was short and intense, and not to stressful on the legs as the sauna we raced in governed the systems at about 90% so they wouldn’t overheat and shutoff.  Most days felt like […]