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World Cup XC Debut

Racing the World Cup in Australia this past weekend was one of the coolest things I’ve ever done on a bike.  Thousands of cheering fans, a challenging course, helicopters, media everywhere and the fastest guys on this planet lined up together to smash each other around for 1.5hrs. Racing a Marathon up in Atherton on […]

Brisbane-Melbourne and the Wombat 100

Spending a week in Brisbane with Mark and Bec Frendo was a treat.  Mark introduced me to early morning rides ( he was trying for 6am, I bargained for 6:30) so we could hit the trails before work.   I tried to remind him that there’s little training effect before 8 am, but he taught me in Brizzy […]

Kona King Kahuna

Kona King Kahuna bike review from Down Under! PS This bike is now for sale in Australia.  Email if interested:

Early Season Racing

The last weekend in Nepal there was an XC eliminator race as part of the Himalayan Outdoor festival.  Heats of 4 riders raced around a hilly 1.5 km loop for two laps, with the first 2 riders moving into the next round.  It was a great introduction to this sort of racing with lots of festival […]

Yak Attack

              Sometimes life goes as planned and is a piece of cake, other times it does its own thing and you get to hang on for one hell of a ride.  This year the Yak Attack did its own thing and I was sent on a soul building journey. The Yak Attack is […]