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Vuelta de Costa Rica

The 51st UCI Vuelta de Costa Rica was some action packed road racing with a taxi driving into the peloton, a major brawl between the top teams resulting in broken bones, the top team boycotting the race due to the brawl, a dog taking down one of the top riders, cheaters holding onto cars getting […]

Stage 9- Cerro de la Muerta (Mountain of Death)

Every year the Vuelta de Cost Rica shuts down the Pan American highway from San Jose to Perez Zeledon and us riders get treated to riding over the Mountain of Death, both ways 🙂  It is a legendary ride taking us over the highest point on the pan american highway from Alaska to Argentina as […]

Vuelta de Costa Rica Stages 5-7

Stage 5 of the Vuelta de Costa Rica was a 20 km uphill time trial from the village of Naranjo to Zaccero.  It was as fun as such a thing could be although trying to chase down Ticos who were getting pushed by the fans up every steep section made an already challenging race that much […]

Fall update and onto the Tour of Costa Rica

After the 24Hr Solo World Championships in California this past October life took a good slow down following a lengthy later eye surgery recovery. Getting bored resting on the couch, I attempted to work. My friend Matt Hadley linked up a great job cutting a portion of the Trans Canada trail from Canmore to Fernie. […]

24 Hour World Solo Championships

The first 17 hours of the WEMBO World Solo 24 hour Championships in Weaverville California went great with 6 time World Champion Jason English and I cruising together with over a 30 minute lead on Josh Tostado in 3rd. The course was sweet  with a 5 km fireroad climb followed with a fast,  dusty California style single track descent back […]

24 Hour Solo World Champs

It’s been a couple years since the last 24 hour race I took part in over in Australia in the fall of 2013.  It was a rough Worlds with a few injuries and since then I have focused heavily on single day and multi stage Marathons.     This year the WEMBO 24 HR Solo Worlds will be in Weaverville California, just […]

Costa Rica- Rincon de La Vieja 100 Miler

The Rincon de la Vieja is an adventurous 100 mile mountain bike race circumnavigating an active Volcano in Northern Costa Rica.    The land surrounding the race is a tourist haven filled with hot springs, waterfalls, zip lines, tubing, horseback riding and other types of adventure ecotourism.  We were there to race though so after […]

Leadville 100

The Leadville 100 is historically the biggest marathon race in North America with past winners such as Alban Lakata, Todd Wells, Dave Wiens and drug cheats Lance Armstrong and Levi Leipheimer.  The race starts in the the old mining town of Leadville Colorado up at 10 200 feet and heads 50 miles out to the […]

Breck Epic

The Breck Epic is one of the North American classic stage races right up there with Single track 6 (aka TransRockies) and the BC Bike Race.  The 6 day event takes part in the Rocky mountain town of Breckenridge Colorado with a base elevation of 9 500 feet and goes up from there, a couple […]

Singletrack 6

TransRockies was arguably North Americas premier stage race for a number of years and went over a major overhaul last year as it transformed into SingleTrack 6.  The format is great with 6 days of riding some of the Worlds best trails in a different iconic Canadian town everyday and new region each year.  Last […]

World Marathon Championships

The 2014 World Marathon MTB Championships in South Africa started slowly with me hovering around the top 50 before I put in a top 10 time in the 2nd half of the race to finish 20th.  This year @ Worlds the goal was to improve my start and the overall result against a stiffer field.  […]

Lead up to World Marathon Champs

Heading into a hanging Austrian side valley at 1700 Meters was the perfect location to rest up from 4 days of climbing at the Alpen Tour.  It was also ideal to start acclimatizing to the medium altitude (1500M-2200M) which the World Marathon Championships will take place at.  There’s nothing like the power of nature to […]

Bavarian Alps- Alpen Tour

This trip over to Europe hasn’t gone to plan racing wise so I’ve put that on the back burner for now and have been trying to soak in the great European culture and landscapes. There’s been a lot of good times with friends and everyday is a learning curve over here in the European racing […]

German World Cup

Limping into a World Cup XC wasn’t an easy call to make after a rough month on the bike but sometimes races like this can light a fire under ones ass.  Watching KONA teammate Spencer Paxson the week before work his way up from 115th to 65th in Czech inspired me so I threw my […]

Belgian Mountainbike Challenge

Some times you win, sometimes you lose, and other times you get spanked really good.  I’m not talking about sketchy European red light districts,  but rather the 3 day Belgian Mountainbike Challenge down in La Roche en Ardenne in the southern hills of Belgium .   Tom Smets had invited me over to Belgium and together with […]


Morocco is a geographical gem situated on the North western coast of Africa.  The predominantly Muslim country is covered by a dry desert, highlighted by the magnificent Sahara but also contains a huge coastline and the grand Atlas mountains.  On April 25th, 630 of us racers took charter flights from Spain to the town of […]

Sea Otter Chaos- Onwards to Morocco

Sea Otter is a busy time of year as nearly everyone involved in the cycling industry gathers in Monterrey California to show off there new product and celebrate another year of racing/riding with a weekend full of events.  It’s a controlled gongshow and a great time as we get to meet our sponsors, catch up […]

Indonesian Tour-Canada-California

Two weeks in Vietnam was just enough to get a fine taste of a spectacular country.   The street food was top notch, the climate near perfect, and the local culture was great!  The schedule called for a trip over to Indonesia  for a training camp so the journey continued across the ocean… Last November […]

Vietnam Victory Challenge

The body was revved up after the tour down to the coast and I knew I had to keep the engine lit or else it would settle into recovery mode and make the 1st day of the Vietnam Victory Challenge a real challenge.  Heading down to the “Valley of Love” to pre-ride the courses, I […]


The Vietnam adventure kickstarted when I heard about a new 3 day race called the Vietnam Victory Challenge.  Emailing the organizers to find out more about it I quickly received a nice offer from Bob the race director to help get me to the startline.   I knew I couldn’t pass on the chance to […]