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2014 by the Numbers

2013 was a big year with 79 days of racing.  I was keen to tone it down and focus more on good results at select races in 2014.  This worked out, but I still lost control towards the end of the year and ended up with 64 race days.  “No thanks” is still a hard thing to say when […]

Coaches Corner

Coaching is one of those jobs which often doesn’t receive the attention or credit it deserves.  Cycling is a challenging sport, requiring a pile of riding, good motivation and smart training.  More often it is the athlete who is training smarter, rather then harder, who comes out on top.   This is one of the […]

Rumble in the Jungle

There are good races and then there are great races.  It was Nov 17th 2014 and I was running low on fumes after a long season and a pile of late season races, but when Phil Evans and Kate Hobson invited me to their newest brainchild, The Rumble in the Jungle, there was no question […]